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Reef Dome

  • Compact for Transport
  • Rapid Fabrication
  • 50 Year Design Life
  • Sustainable

Our Flatpack Reef modules offer a flexible solution to artificial reef fabrication. Flatpack Reefs are designed to attract demersal fish species and increase reproduction rates by providing a flourishing fish habitat.

Flatpack Reefs are similar to our ReefPyramid module design in that they are pyramid shaped and incorporate crevices which provide shelter from predator fish species as well as creating upwelling which is fundamental to sea-floor health.

Reef Domes are constructed from our proprietary Blue-crete; a fibre reinforced, 50MPa, low carbon, pH modified, marine concrete; which is designed to deliver extended life and durability in marine environments whilst promoting marine growth and minimising our carbon footprint. Subcon Blue-crete uses environmentally friendly, cement ingredients to lower carbon emissions in concrete production. The neutral pH of the Blue-crete is designed to mimic that of seawater, which encourages more rapid settlement of benthic organisms onto the structure.

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