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Frond Mattress

  • Scour Remediation
  • Free Span Correction
  • Structure Scour Protection
  • Concrete or Chain Ballasted

Subcon has custom designed its frond mattress specifically for the harshest marine environments. Some of the properties of our fronds include:

  • UV stabilised 200 Denier Woven PP for the base mattress allows longer 1.5m fronds to be used
  • Improves the reduction in velocity of current particles (up to 50% decrease)
  • Enables faster burial of surrounding subsea assets
  • Environmentally friendly as they are able to act as a nursery for fish fry and small fish species

The fronds can be attached to concrete mattresses, grout bags, grout inflated fabric formworks or chain ballast. The fronds are secured for installation with a Velcro cover complete with buoyant monkey fist and a bridle for deployment. In this way the matts can be safely installed by ROV or divers.

Download Specification